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Let’s be forthright. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will undoubtedly go down in history as the city’s worst mayor…EVER! During his tenure, he has managed to alienate the police department, conservatives, moderates, and many Democrats.

During a recent campaign event in Iowa, de Blasio abandoned his caricature as Big Bird and adopted a new person, that of Alvan the Chipmonk. During his, on-air delivery de Blasio’s voice, like his political message was distorted into a fast-paced, high pitch shrill, reminiscent of the famed Chipmunks.

It gets worse. The Mayor was delivering a prepared speech at the Iowa Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization. Due to bad weather, his visage and helium impacted voice were broadcast to huge video screens via link-up. The labor group was supposed to be one of the socialist Mayor’s more accommodating groups.

Here it is….it’s almost impossible to listen to.

This debacle is merely a pictorial and audio depiction of Bill de Blasio’s failed career as a politician. His legacy will be laughable, and the Iowa screw-up underscores his failure to connect with America.

Even in New York, he’s loathed, as New Yorker’s continue to abandon him, wondering what in God’s name he is thinking about by running for President. Others are happy he’s on the campaign trail and not in New York where he can continue his political carnage.

In May, even Jimmy Fallon, not exactly a conservative, made comedy mincemeat out of de Blasio’s run, coupling him with a mockery of Beto O’Rourke. Funny stuff, but to New Yorker’s the Mayor is humiliating them nationally.

On a more serious note, the candidacy of Bill de Blasio meets only one need, his own. With an ego larger than Big Bird, de Blasio craves the limelight and has a monstrous love of self to the demise of New York City.

His policies included free healthcare for illegals, and most recently, the Mayor has implemented a policy that will include migrants in New York’s subsidized housing programs.

The Mayor is a Marxist. His open call for a redistribution of “money in the wrong hands” shocked even his supporters. His presidential support fluctuates between zero and 1% nationally.

Bill de Blasio follows the long line of big city, big-government liberals who have, come hell or high water, wrecked America’s largest urban cities.

Evidently. there is something spellbinding about socialist mayors who run for office in big cities. There is a large swath of needy voters willing to ask local governments to take care of them, even to the ultimate detriment of safety, education, and living conditions. The defective management of New York City is not far behind Chicago and Baltimore.

Bill de Blasio’s chipmunk moment in Iowa was simply a theatrical demonstration of a big man with a little voice. His is a voice soon to fade from the public arena, and one New York City will not miss.

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